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About Neuen Films

The first thing you should know about us is that we believe in love, the kind of love that you make grow everyday combining your dreams with hard work. This was the special combination that makes us fall in love.

For us every couple is unique, that’s why we always prefer to meet our clients in person, to know their style and come up with great creative ideas and make our film more personal. 

We’ve  been a wedding videographer team for more than 8 years now, capturing special moments, of two souls in love, surrounded by family and friends and giving life to authentic stories to make them transcend.

We are camera geeks, very professional, easy going, and we love what we do.

We are based in Miami Fl, but our passports are always ready to capture all the magic wherever it is. 

We love films, photos, travel, food, dance, coffee, sunsets, nature, music, movies and always be in an adventure.


   We are Federico and Julieta, the husband and wife behind Neuen Films. We love to crafting pieces for couples during the most exciting times of their lives.


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